The Meaning of HealFi

HealFi stands for Healing Finance.  The Finance aspect come from the fact that we see HealFi as a means of financing substance use disorder (SUD) treatment operators’ businesses (via real estate).  It is a fact of the system we live in that capital is the primary input for all businesses. To alleviate the nearly 30,000,000 suffering from SUDs, massive amounts of capital are needed/going to be needed for the expansion of the industry. HealFi’s focus ranges from growth capital to corporate recapitalization; HealFi exists as means to further the goals of treatment operators, which in turn are alleviating the suffering of millions of Americans.

The Heal part of HealFi is the more interesting aspect of our name.  Here is the definition of Heal according to Marriam-Webster:

1   a :  to make free from injury or disease :  to make sound or whole heal a wound

     b :  to make well again :  to restore to health heal the sick

2   a :  to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome :  mend the troubles … had not        been forgotten, but they had been healed — William Power

     b :  to patch up or correct (a breach or division) heal a breach between friends

3:  to restore to original purity or integrity healed of sin

HealFi’s goal is provide financing for those firms that seek to heal their patient/clients. HealFi’s principals have experience with the destructive power of addiction and believe, on a macro level, that the SUD treatment sector needs 3-4x the capital currently invested in order to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Greg Vallario