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Addiction is a global health crisis.

Our society is in the midst of an epidemic. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are killing tens-of thousands of Americans each year and millions more are suffering from active addiction on a daily basis.  Overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in United States and has grown 10x from 2006-2016.  Solutions from every facet of civic society are needed to truly address the problem.  HealFi’s mission is to help those who empower others.  




We see a world where every individual who wants treatment can access it. We see a world with less suffering; a world where people’s struggles are a badge of courage along an individual’s journey rather than a mark of failure. We foresee a wholesale transformation of the SUD treatment industry, making treatment more affordable, accessible and holistic.



What We Do

HealFi Real Estate provides mission-critical growth capital to the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment industry.  Treatment operators have capital locked away in real estate assets and are not able to strategically utilize that capital to grow their businesses.  Any inpatient, outpatient, sober living or psychiatric hospital operator who either owns their own real estate or needs a strategic partner to purchase or develop a new facility can join with HealFi to unlock capital and reach their full potential.  We help businesses that empower individuals to reduce suffering.  


Treatment Operators

HealFi provides a range of financing products tied to real estate.  Our goal is to help you grow your business to meet the ever-increasing demand for SUD treatment. Traditional banks and finance companies have been unwilling to serve the SUD treatment sector and do not understand how to optimally underwrite products tailored to the SUD treatment industry’s needs. HealFi fills that gap.

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Sale Leaseback

By partnering with HealFi, we can provide capital for your company by purchasing the real estate occupied by your businesses and leasing the same real estate back to your operating company.  Your business will maintain full operational control of the real estate.  Sale leasebacks are a flexible vehicle that can be customized to fit your needs.  


HealFi provides mortgage debt against real estate assets that are owned/occupied by your treatment businesses.  Our mortgage program is tailored to SUD treatment operators’ needs.  Whether your business occupies a residential, multifamily or a specialized facility, HealFi uses its capital strategically to help you grow your business.


Greg’s Story


Greg Vallario is the founder of HealFi Real Estate--his story is one of perseverance and emancipation.  Highlights from his journey include overcoming his struggles with substance abuse and working his way to the Ivy League and Wall Street.  Greg worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch on their CMBS and ABS trading desks and as a principal in a real estate investment vehicle that executed triple-net sale-leasebacks of industrial real estate assets. 

Greg began his career in 2005, in Los Angeles working for local real estate entrepreneur Barry Beitler executing complex real estate transactions for asset-heavy businesses.  Greg went on to be a principal and founding member of Convergence Capital Partners, LLC, a real estate investment firm capitalized by RTI Properties and executives of the Douglas Emmett REIT.  Convergence was mandated to help private equity firms achieve leverage through concurrent sale-leaseback of their target’s real estate assets in conjunction with leverage buyouts.  

In 2010 Greg enrolled at Columbia University after transfering from community college and in 2013, he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) on their securitized products trading desk focused on the CMBS and ABS market sectors.  Greg left BAML in 2015 to start his own company, Kenzie Cos., a real estate consulting firm aimed at institutional investors and developers. Greg’s experiences with Kenzie Cos include working with affiliates of a hedge fund billionaire’s family office and other ultra-high net worth families looking to invest their wealth in real estate and real estate related assets.

As an skilled investment professional and as someone who has experienced the SUD treatment industry first-hand, Greg’s vision is to bring capital to an industry focused on the transformation of people suffering from substance use disorders.  Greg’s goal is to help businesses that help others transform their lives.   


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HealFi Real Estate is continuously building out its investor roster.  If you would like to learn more about our product lineup, contact HealFi at greg@healfi.us.